About IBI

Established in 2016, Instituto Brasil-Israel (IBI) is a non-profit organization devoted to informing the general public on subjects relating to Israel, the Middle East, and Brazil’s relations in that region.

IBI regularly disseminates news and offers analyses. It also organizes courses, seminars, and lectures.

Recognizing nations’ right to self-determination, Instituto Brasil-Israel advocates for a just Peace among Israelis, Palestinians, and all the peoples living in the Middle East, and opposes all forms of discrimination – whether racial, ethical, or religious --, while abiding by democratic values.


IBI believes in the celebration of the diversity of political, cultural, and gender identities as a hallmark of an Institute that purports to be inclusive and pluralistic. We express Judaism’s multiple perspectives and put our trust in the power of dialogue. Our cause is based on values. And it is because of these values that we make this declaration...

Because we yearn to repair the world

Because we understand that it is not simple

Because we trust in the strength of dialogue

Because we can realize that absolute truths are totally fragile

Because we practice putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes

Because we want to look through multiple lenses

Because we question ourselves and others

Because we notice that fanaticism blinds

Because we trust democratic values

Because we abide by the Two States solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, where both peoples could live in peace

Because we recognize the right of the State of Israel to its security

Because we embrace nations, not religious doctrines

Because we know that the value of human life is equal for all

Because we are Brazilians and also Zionist,

... We therefore believe that an open, healthy dialogue in Israel and in the Arab, Palestinian, and Jewish diasporas can contribute to the conflict’s solution and for peace among nations.

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